The Winery of Fabrègues - Aspiran

Carine Despinasse


Inhabited by the desire to create wines that I like, wine sensation, between classicism and surprise, I took the field in late 2005 to give it a signature today, the Domaine de Fabrègues. 






The vineyard consists of several islets and grouped based on different regions to develop complementary quality wines. The vines are located on clay-limestone with pebbles, others of red clay gravel, or for a small portion of land on pebbles, surrounded by land occupied by scrubland and heathland. Each region is unique and dedicated to a single variety.


The great diversity of grape varieties that characterizes the field Fabrègues can create many different wines, from classic to more surprising. Some of these varieties, their exceptional age for the region, 75 years for carignan, create exceptional wines.